The Python Angle

Tales from a Trading Desk

It continue to be journey for Python in finance.  The JP Morgan Athena project that (based on google data) pushed to retire Murex, using concepts born out of Slang/SecDB is now a number of years old, as presumably achieve many goals.  In many ways the Quartz project over at Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s offers integrated trading, position management, pricing and risk management platform which correlate in many ways to the Athena JP Morgan project, that it correlates back to GS 😉  The Python Quants about page offer a hint of the history of these three corporations/projects.

Another interesting Python angle is the NumPy/SciPy Many-Core Accelerator support available on Parallella.  Especially given the recent blog posting regards 64-cores, and the fact that Bank of America, and presumably JPMorgan are doing “Ultra High Performance” pricing.

The journey continues when we look at Washington Square Technologies.  The web…

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Why and how I use Sublime Text 2

Joey Kudish

My Friend Richard was asking about different software and code editors on twitter last night. I mentioned Sublime Text 2 and how much I love it, to him; and he asked me for more info about it, so I decided to write a blog post about it instead of going and back & forth on Twitter.

So for those who don’t about it yet, Sublime Text 2 (ST2) is a cross-platform (yes it works on OS X, Windows and Linux) awesome code editor with a bunch of productivity tools and geeky goodness but without the huge overhead of typical IDEs (aptana, netbeans, etc…). I was a Textmate user until I switched over to ST2 about 4 or 5 months ago. The transition was seamless since ST2 looks and behaves in similar ways to Textmate and also supports Textmate bundles out of the box. Nonetheless, ST2 is infinitely more powerful than…

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Informatica and Multiple Screens/Dual Monitors Issue

Working on Informatica PowerCenter on multiple screens can make you  lose your SQL or Expression Editors and also your mind.

Nowadays, working on multiple screen system is norm among developers. And if you are Informatica Developer you may face this issue, where all expression from expression editor is lost. This issue arises when dual display mode is running and you have dragged editor from main screen to secondary screen.

If your editor looks like below, means you are affected by this issue:


How to resolve:

One way to resolve it, uninstall and reinstall Informatica PowerCenter 😛

But more subtle way is to follow below steps:

  1. Go to regedit


2. In registry editor window, navigate to below path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Informatica -> PowerMart Client Tools -> 8.6.1 -> Designer -> Options -> Global -> Editor -> SQL


3. Double click on “Expression Editor Position“. It will look like this :


Here, change value for all rows to 0 (zero), and then click on OK.


Repeat same steps for below Positions also:

  • Expression Editor Splitter Position
  • SQL Editor Position
  • SQL Editor Splitter Position

Once value for all the above positions are changed to 0.

Reopen your Informatica, then open Expression Editor and Voila !! You can see your lost sql/expression:


Please note: This is not a permanent solution. This issue may again get resurface. Hopefully with latest versions of Informatica will be able to fix this bug permanently.